June 28, 2021

We put the call out for real men, tired of seeing stick thin models the like of the rakes on Calvin Klein ads looking gaunt and serious with their ribs, hips (and underwear) sticking out with equally stick thin women draped over them, all over mass fashion media. 

Our men have real male bodies. Did you know the average male body now STARTS at 2xl? And yet every mainstream fashion store stocks size small and then STOPS at Xl and sometimes 2xl if youre lucky. It is very very rare they go above that. The average or whats now labelled "plus" male then has to go to cheesy names 'big boys' back corners of department stores, or Lowes for a giant hawaiian shirt (no offence lowes' or a plain black tshirt and look like a security guard. Or they have to go to a dedicated plus menswear store, rare as hens teeth, such as Johnny Bigg, and some men may feel totally self conscious to even walk in! 

Unlike the womens plus size movement thats been around for over a decade now with dozens of speciality stores and prominent women in media and celebrities promoting female body positivity and inclusion- the mens plus fashion movement is years and years behind - with men struggling to find anything to wear and still made to feel pigeon holed into being the giant beefcake security guard stereotype or the cheezy funny guy paul blart mall cop dad shirt wearing stereotype.  Men couldnt dare be fashionable - and definately couldnt wear street or urban wear !!!! There isnt a store in Australia catering for streetwear in plus sizes - until we came along. 

At Chaotic we were tired of this unfairness in the industry - it seemed such a simply solution for every store to simply extend their range in each design for small through to plus sizes - we dont understand how every store doesnt do it and why they discriminate and we are so proud to be setting the bar . Cmon RVCA ,Thrills, Culture Kings, Deus machina & more - get with the times! Stop body shaming ! We challenge every brand to stop living in the dark ages - join the women in embracing the REAL sizes of our bodies and create fashion to fit actual bodies! They would actually increase their sales - its crazy! 

If you would like to read more about the Go Chaotic Story or hear our beginnings of the brand and shop our Chaotic KING size streetwear range then head to the ABOUT US section of the website and follow the links! 

Meanwhile lets get into it and we would like to introduce our gorgeous brand reps of Chaotic KING SIZE ! Enjoy! 


Chris is a chef and a doting dad to the gorgeous Lexi and we love the shots of him with his daughter on our page and his social link is www.instagram.com/lexinova_and_hermumma 


A King Size legend of streetwear in a 4xl, Bill is a dad to the @villageofwilds kids . He is from the hills district and his wife Carissa found some epic backdrops to take his brand ambassador photos for us. We love Bills pics ! 

Bills insta is www.instagram.com/bfmatau


Our resident tradie! KJ lives in shorts year round and his nickname is Chaos would you believe! He is again a dad to a gorgeous little girl, loves a beer and a burger so a perfect fit for our style as so do we! and he is from Morayfield in QLD! www.instagram.com/lovefamilyoils


Hailing from Vic, Zane has sent us some great shots from the farm wearing the indian dreaming shirt, a bestseller, he wears a 4xl , and he loves anything tats skulls blacks golds etc so we love sending him this style. Zane is 6ft 1 so loves the longer length of our shirts. 


Brad has some of the most WICKED tats we have seen in a long time! Check them out at instagram.com/brad.p92 and scroll down a bit. Chaotic is allll about the tats, beards, the real man size bod and having fun in life. Brads living his best Chaotic life in a 7x and reps our brand all the way from WA 


We have made some epic Insta stories featuring sherwins pics. Have a look at our highlights stories on our chaotic insta page and look for the one called brand reps to see the videos featuring Sherwin to see his style on the Up to no good and the Pizza me streetwear plus size mens tees. Sherwin wears a 3xl and his instagram you can follow is instagram.com/sherz3802


Clean Shaven with a goatee , James is a dad to a daughter and the cutest lil dog Chase you can see in his brand rep pics! He wears a 4xl to a 5xl and models the pinup girl tee and the skull finger urban king size hoodie. His insta link is instagram.com/ameliaaurora


Our OG and very first Brand Rep and model ever at Chaotic - the absolute life of the party you cannot stop this guy smiling and you can see it in the photos - his life and pride in his life and body confidence is just infectious ! Harris is a 5xl and wears our entire range - featured not just all over our insta but models the whole chaotic streetwear range on our official website - you cant miss him! Harris is from the Northern Beaches of Sydney the home of Chaotic Clothing and loves his family his church and singing in the church band, and his own hydro water saving business! 



A school teacher by day and another brand rep thats been with us for many many years with dimples for dayssss, you cant beat this guys smile! Corey also models all our King size tees on the website . Check it out at www.gochaotic.com.au


From the Central Coast and with a wicked central coast and huge online following for his epic beard that he once shaved off for charity, we love Blake! He rocks old school cool in the Alf design and Zero Ducks Given featuring the cheeky rubber duckie! Blake loves a game of pool and a beer with owner Brent in Chaotics renowned hospitality bar and pool lounge on site in the warehouse! check out blake also a rep for milkman beard care for that epic beard at instagram.com/bearded_balake 


Our last model you may see on our instagram page of Chaotic is the owner himself and Director of Chaos Brent! Brents a proud dad of 3 girls, loves his tattoos, bourbon burgers and travel with the family.