May 14, 2020

1. Come up with Original idea for a tshirt label. Is there demand for it? Ask your friends. Would they buy it? 

2. Decide on a name. Dont over think it. Check its unique by googling it and check socials that its not taken so you dont waste your time 

3. Come up with a great logo. 

4. Regisiter a business name and do your due diligence on registrations and accounting with ABN and trading details. 

5. Buy a good quality laptop with enough disk space and an EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE and a large thumb drive for your keys. Store your most important files on here. 

6. Buy a cheap fire proof safe from your hardware store.

7. Set up a google drive and a drop box. 

8. Set up all your socials. Join every facebook discussion group you can. 

9. Set up a password manager account as you WILL forget all your logins and passwords guaranteed. 

10. Buy some quality stock images to do your mockups on. Now design design design and SAVE SAVE SAVE 

11. Setup a shopify account. 

12. Register for Paypal and Shopify payments or Stripe to take payments. 

13. List on gumtree/ebay/facebook marketplace - anywhere you can list for low or no cost. 

14. Link your listings to your personal socials and ask your friends to share your listings. 

15. Ask your friends to wear your shirts in exchange for a review and a free shirt. 

16. Do not hope stores will stock your shirts in your infancy and without social proof. 

17. Be fast with shipping, with follow up and with customer service. 

18. Interact with your audience and engage with others in your industry. 

19. Create content on every platform

20. Create a blog , a youtube, a podcast - even if no one ever watches 

21. Listen to every podcast you can, go to every free course, watch every youtube you can on your niche - NO knowledge is ever wasted. 

22. Join networking groups, go to coffee groups. Be a guest blogger or guest podcaster. Get out there 

23. Be generouse and sponsor! Always give back ! 

24. Dont show off - it looks desperate and fake. Stay humble and grow at your own pace.  

25. Attend trade shows and expos 

26. As you get bigger offer Afterpay Sezzle and Laybuy. You will not be able to do this when you first open until trading reaches $x turnover. 

27. Read profit first by Mike Mikalowitz and other business books. You must pay yourself first, and invest outside the business or you will never make money. Always keep aside money to pay taxes first, then yourself then the rest. 

28. Pay your staff WELL and always take care of them at christmas . 

29. Be UN like any other in your field. 

30. Download all the apps on your phone so you can work anywhere and dont need the laptop, most importantly so you can hear the cha-chings! 

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