May 06, 2020


Double Down on DENIM - We are about to tell you alllll about it! 
Denim Collared Streetwear Button Down Shirts are now available at Chaotic in time for winter. In short and long sleeve in regular and plus KING size 3xl and 5xl - Its a very flattering style can be worn buttoned up or open over a tshirt for a casual vibe ! Available in dark and light denim and hot black denim!!!
Detail embroidered pocket designs sure to get attention on the streets ! Don’t listen to what other people say. The Canadian tuxedo aka double denim is totally cool.
The trick to making double denim work is correct contrast and shades of denim. Ideally you want different shades of denim on top and bottom. That means black jeans and dark blue denim shirt, white jeans and a light blue denim shirt (for Summer) or dark denim below and a washed shade up top. Tuck or no tuck.
Add a belt and some suede boots or just stick with sneakers. When it comes to dressing your denim shirt up for a smart casual occasion then you can beat adding a blazer to your look. Combined with jeans or chinos will enable you to add a classic cotton or linen blazer to spruce up your denim shirt. For the colder months you can add layers with a cardigan or knit, or a coat if required. For summer months go for a light coloured linen blazer with your denim shirt.
Denim may have gotten its start as workwear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up on occasion. A foolproof option is to pair it with chinos, and tricks it out with carefully thought-out accessories: a watch on one wrist, bright beaded bracelets on the other, a classic pair of aviators, and an understated scarf around the neck.
Even the shirt itself has interesting details, like the grain of the fabric and the seams up the front. If you really want to push the envelope, consider incorporating denim into your formal attire. We’re not saying you should wear a denim suit to your best friend’s wedding (if it didn’t work for Justin Timberlake, it definitely isn’t going to work for you lol), but if you’re feeling ballsy why not wear your denim shirt with a suit jacket and a tie? Just make sure it’s a slim-fit shirt (with cutaway collar), so it isn’t bulky under the jacket.
When Summer hits or you’re dashing away for that Winter vacation, you’ll want to pack your shorts and a denim shirt. The denim shirt is actually one of our favourite pieces for fashionable air travel, so there’s no reason not to pack one. Pair your denim shirt with chinos shorts, camo shorts or even dress shorts. Should you tuck it in?
We would go for a half tuck or no tuck on the denim shirt and shorts combination. Boom!
You can find the full rang of hot denim shirts in light and dark blue and black in plain and embroidered or a custom design by shooting us an email at or search denim at Prices start at just aud$75 what a bargain!

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