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Chaotic Brand Reps!

Chaotic Brand Reps!

June 28, 2021

We put the call out for real men, tired of seeing stick thin models the like of the rakes on calvin klein ads looking gaunt and serious with their ribs, hips (and underwear) sticking out with equally stick thin women draped over them, all over mass fashion media. 

Our men are real male bodies. Did you know the average male body now STARTS at 2xl? And yet every mainstream fashion store stocks size small and then STOPS at Xl and sometimes 2xl if youre lucky. It is very very rare they go above that. The average or whats now labelled "plus" male then has to go to cheesy names 'big boys' back corners of department stores, or Lowes for a giant hawaiian shirt (no offence lowes' or a plain black tshirt and look like a security guard. Or they have to go to a dedicated plus menswear store, rare as hens teeth, such as Johnny Bigg, and some men may feel totally self conscious to even walk in! 

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